Robinson-Patman – Plaintiff claimed $11 million in damages from three Texas auto dealers who allegedly conspired with manufacturer in government contract price discrimination.  Damages model demonstrated alleged lost contracts would not have been awarded and bids from defendants had reasonable margins. 

Asset Protection Fraud – Corporate, partnership and individual debtors sought bankruptcy protection to avoid $16 million judgment and subsequent fraudulent transfer litigation.  Creditor alleged asset transfers into 96 partnerships and trusts including offshore entities were fraudulent and designed to avoid payment of underlying judgment for breach of lending arrangement. 

Business Tort and Anti-trust – Major manufacturer and after-market service provider of medical imaging equipment was defendant in claim of tortuous interference with contracts and anti-competitive activities by independent service organization (ISO).  Plaintiff alleged $22 million in damages.  Defendant damage analysis demonstrated ISO was not profitable. 

Preference/Fraudulent Conveyance - Enron Creditor's Committee sued Citicorp alleging fraud, preference and fraudulent conveyance in the conversion of a $250 million unsecured pre-pay forward contract into fully secured debt.

Construction Contract Fraud - Puerto Rican refinery owner alleged fraud in construction contract overruns related to refurbishment.  Damage analysis demonstrated damages greater than $20 million.

Borrowing Fraud - Venture capital group subordinated convertible loan was based on alleged fraudulent financial statements.   Analysis of financial statements disclosed an accounts receivable fraud effected by altered documents and fraudulent journal entries.

Arson Defense - Business Owner accused of insurance fraud and arson.  Analysis of financial condition of business demonstrated entity viability.   Defendant was acquitted.